Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking Glass Falls, NC

After leaving Boone, NC, we headed for the Smoky Mountains to stay a few nights.  Although it was out of the way, I decided to surprise Andrea with a pit stop at Looking Glass Falls, a beautiful waterfall I had visited on a camping trip I took in middle school.  If you're ever in the Asheville area, it's a great site to see and it's very easy to access.  You can park right on the side of the road and it's about a 2 minute walk down.  Once there, you can stand on the bank and enjoy the view, walk along the rocks in the water, or even wade out and swim underneath the falls!  

In retrospect, it would have been nice to stay a night in Asheville and check out some of the other sites like Chimney Rock, Sliding Rock, etc.  So much to see in the area and it would have saved us from having to spend the $25 (!) it took to camp our first night in the uber touristy Smoky's...  BTW I will be posting about the Smoky's soon, but will focus on our backcountry camping, so for now I just wanted to let everyone know that Gatlinburg, TN is a tourist trap (quite comparable to International Drive in Orlando), front country camping in the Smoky's is not at all worth it... However, there is no entrance fee into the park and back country camping is FREE in the Smoky's!!  If you're planning a trip to the Smoky's, I would definitely recommend back country... just try to do a hike within your experience level and bring proper gear... I will go into further detail on the importance of this in the next post.  Lesson learned!!!


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  2. Damn...Reminds me of the waterfalls in Israel except its in the us..Of course there is a variation..Looks like a good time there!

  3. Hey Gus,
    Just came from andrea’s blog and yours looks good. The wife & I have been camping a long time and I may have some tips for you in your search for ‘the price is right’ stays.
    First is the internet;, , for free or low cost camps.
    Fred & Suzie dow have created a treasure trove of information on the US National Forest Campgrounds at .
    Being from FL myself we have camped in State Wildlife Management areas, all FREE, as well as in GA. The web is a great resource for lookin’ into these in all states.
    If you have a GPS this site is a collection of free spots to camp organized by Longitude & Latitude.
    Out west the BLM, Bureau of Land Management ahs many site with free camping also low cost long term camping called LTVA’s, Long Term Visitors Areas. Some on lakes or rivers with facilities. A good source of info on this is .
    I hope this is a help, I know there’s a lot to absorb. If you browse the web there are people out there that camp for free almost daily, what we RVer’s call ‘Boondockin’. If I can be of further help contact me through our Blog.


  4. Do you remember being there?? We went there with Mr. Weese. Long time ago!!

  5. Beautiful place, thanks for sharing your journey...keep up the great blogging...I'll be looking forward to seeing more of the places you visit.

  6. @barry and linda- Thanks for all the info!!! HUGE help the other night :)

    @anonymous- thanks for stopping by! We've just escaped the southeast in one piece and it's westward from here, so it should strt getting pretty interesting! Check back often!

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